StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors, the only flood doors fitted with an active flood sealing mechanism maintained by pressure of flood water. There are two main types of StormMeister Active Flood Seal, the first Active Flood Seal was developed for inward opening flood doors with a standard threshold. The next challenge was to develop flood doors for wheelchair access and that led to the development of another quite different Active Flood Seal originally designed for outward opening flood doors where wheelchair access was a requirement. Both types of Active Flood Seals were patented and are patent protected in the UK. Europe, and the USA with wider ranging protection by Worldwide copyright.

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Since those early days of development different versions of  StormMeister Flood Seals have been incorporated in flood doors of many different types. There are StormMeister uPVC Flood Doors, StormMeister ‘Eco’ Timber Flood Doors, Garage Flood Doors and Bi-Fold Flood Doors! StormMeister uPVC Flood Doors are the only flood doors with a flood seal maintained by the pressure of flood water, other uPVC flood doors use conventional seals which do quite the opposite and try to resist the pressure of flood water!

It’s important to understand how conventional flood doors work, or at least how they are supposed to work! Conventional flood doors don’t have a dedicated flood seal, they try to keep the flood water at bay by tightly compressing the standard weather seal. This requires huge handle force to be transmitted to the locking mechanism, handle force that is in all likelihood in excess of the design limit of the locking mechanism. 

ALL StormMeister Flood Doors comply with BS EN 12217 the British Standard for external doors and are the ONLY mechanically operated flood doors to comply.

StormMeister™ uPVC Flood Doors utilize the pressure of flood water in their unique flood sealing mechanism and therefore don’t need excessive handle force in order to work. The StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal maintains effective flood resistance long after conventional seals have failed.  StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors routinely exceed the 48 hour PAS 1188-1:2014 industry standard by some considerable margin at our testing facility in Preston with zero leakage at 600 mm flood height and ongoing flood resistance to heights well beyond that.

We are now giving live demonstrations to representatives of the trade, local authorities, and public at our testing facility in Preston, Lancashire which is situated close to M6 Junction 31. Anyone wishing to attend a live demonstration is requested to fill out the form on our Contact Page. If you are unable to attend our premises we will be happy to arrange a live demonstration by Skype wherever in the world you are located.

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Quality Assurance.

William M. Snape Manufacturing Services (UK) Limited (the Company) will at all times in the manufacture and supply of StormMeister™ Flood Doors adhere to their established Quality Assurance Systems and Procedures for product and/or service Conformance and Traceability and additionally to the Management Principles of ISO 9000:2000 as part of the Company’s approach to consistent achievement in product development, customer service, and our Total Quality Management Philosophy.

How The Active Flood Seal Works.

Flood water is a powerful force and StormMeister™ Flood Resistant Doors harness that force in order to maintain effective flood resistance without using complex locking mechanisms.

A multiple chamber structure is formed by a specially designed Chamber Gasket and flood water is actually allowed to enter the first chamber, the water chamber.

Pressure of flood water in the water chamber then presses the Chamber Gasket firmly against the door leaf in order to maintain what has proved to be an extremely effective flood seal under test conditions maintaining zero leakage at 600 mm of water!

Most flood doors employ complex locking mechanisms in order to achieve compression and flood resistance. StormMeister™ Flood Doors utilize the pressure of flood water in order to achieve far greater compression and much better flood resistance whilst at the same time StormMeister™ Flood Doors are easier to lock and easier to maintain.

All StormMeister™ Flood Doors are manufactured to ISO9002 the International Standard of Excellence using specially formulated impact resistant plastics tested to BS EN12608 within a temperature range of -40 to +40 Centigrade.

Available in white, various wood grains, and a choice of hundreds of factory applied colours every flood door is fitted with the StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal, your assurance of the highest flood resistant performance within the industry.

Contact us for a No Obligation Survey. If you decide to go ahead we will deal with everything from design to installation by our Flood Door Technicians. All private residential door products are covered by our GGFi INSURED TEN YEAR WARRANTY and that warranty is transferable should you sell your home within the warranty period.

Frequently asked questions.

The StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal was developed to solve difficulties with the conventional flood doors which are difficult to lock and troublesome to maintain. Having been aware of the problem for a number of years, it was whilst working on a project in the African Rain Forest our director, Malcolm Snape, came up with the idea of using water pressure rather than handle pressure to exclude flood water from flood doors. On his return from Africa in late 2009, Malcolm spent over four years developing and testing the product which was launched in its present form in April 2014. Product launch was preceded by a Patent Application which was subsequently granted in February 2016. Patent GB 2525382. 

We searched for the right materials for a long time and always came across the same old problem, timber can warp with exposure to rain water which can cause a door to become ill-fitting and difficult to flood seal. Now we have the answer, a reinforced hardwood outer frame and a laminated timber door leaf guaranteed not to warp. We can now produce the world’s only warp free timber flood door and in addition to that we have also introduced a carbon fibre reinforced composite flood door which also happens to be A++ energy rated!. Fitted with the StormMeister™ patented Active Flood Seal™ this revolutionary new type of door meets our exacting leak-free standards. ALL StormMeister™ Flood Doors use a combination reinforcing and impact resistant materials which having undergone rigorous testing are beyond doubt the combination that works best with the StormMeister™ patented Active Flood Seal™ to give the best resilience against water ingress.

Conventional Flood Doors rely on compression to keep out the water. This means that in order to be effective the doors need to be on a tight setting, making handle operation extremely difficult. StormMeister™ Flood Doors are fitted with the patented StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal™ and consequently don’t need to be on a tight setting – simply lift the handle, turn the key and your home is protected.

 StormMeister™ Flood Doors are easy to operate and by far the most user friendly flood door on the market. Easy operation also means less wear on locking systems, hinges, handles and seals, StormMeister™ flood doors can therefore be guaranteed for a lot longer than conventional flood doors!  

Yes you can! The StormMeister™ Low-Threshold Flood Door is the only low-threshold flood door currently available on the market and has been installed in homes, shops, bars and businesses to comply with Building Regulations (Part M) for disabled access. 

StormMeister™ is a BSI member company and our policy on Kitemarking is explained more fully on our home page. StormMeister flood doors carry the CE mark the European equivalent of the BSI Kitemark. CE accreditation allows for continued product testing, upgrading, and variation (we currently produce 32 variations of flood doors for every application imaginable) whereas Kitemark accreditation applies to specific products tested on specific days. If components subsequently prove to be unreliable Kitemarked products cannot be upgraded or the Kitemark would be invalidated. No such problems at StormMeister™ where we continually test and improve our products and as you can see from videos available on this website our doors and barriers are tested without any leakage occurring. Zero leakage is maintained over periods of 48 hours and longer meaning StormMeister™ products exceed the PAS1188. 2014 industry standard and are suitable for your flood resilience grant application. You are cordially invited to visit our testing facility and see for yourself, an offer no other flood company is prepared to make!

We have worked with Planning Authorities across the UK as well as associations such as Scottish Heritage and we can now produce flood resistant timber doors for grade listed buildings and conservation areas. StormMeister™ Flood Resistant Doors have recently been approved for installation in a flood resilience project in Ballater in the Cairngorms National Park having passed the most stringent of National Park planning requirements. We are more than happy to work with your Planning Authority to deliver a bespoke installation suited exactly to your needs.

Here at StormMeister™ we can offer a range of products to do protect your home or business –
Garden and Driveway flood resistant gates
Lightweight Domestic and Heavy Commercial Flood Barriers
Self-sealing airbricks to limit water ingress under floor-level

If you’re looking at other flood protection products it’s as well to check out the guarantee, some competitors’ products are only guaranteed for one year. StormMeister Flood Protection products are guaranteed for a minimum of FIVE YEARS and all StormMeister Flood Doors fitted to private residential properties carry a TEN YEARS GUARANTEE underwritten by GGFi.

When your doors are installed you will be shown how to care for them and given a Care Guide, however we do also offer an Annual Care Plan for your peace of mind. Under this plan we will visit each year to check all parts are clean, fully functional and up to standard.

There are videos available on our website of our doors and barriers in testing. Alternatively we love to show off our products and are more than happy to give you a demonstration at our training and testing centre in Preston, Lancashire.

Our continued commitment to delivering premium quality products, fitted by specialist installations engineers, and supported by a dedicated customer care team means we really do strive to be outstanding in our field. Our ongoing research and development in the areas of low-threshold, active resilience and access for all allow us to be able to offer a wide range of flood protection solutions with the utmost confidence in their performance.

No problem, correctly used and maintained StormMeister™ Flood Doors perform just as well in real flood situations. Pictured below is a StormMeister™ Flood Door following a severe flood in West Yorkshire on the night of November 21/22 2016. Flood water reached a height of approximately 600mm and as normal in real flood situations the water wasn’t clean, note the thick black mud outside the door after the flood water subsided. The householder said “without the StormMeister™ door that mud would have been inside my house and my furniture and carpets ruined”.