StormMeister™ are world leaders in flood product development. We specialise in creating bespoke flood protection for homes and commercial properties such as stores, bars, restaurants, sports clubs and public buildings. On this page you can find many examples of our commercial flood doors. If you’re interested and would like more details regarding the products available, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to send you a brochure including examples of our flood protection products. We will be pleased to send you a brochure with more details of StormMeister™ Flood Doors and all of our StormMeister™ Flood Protection Products.

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Avoiding The Risks Of Flood Damage.

Simply put, flood damage will have devastating effects on your home or business. Dealing with the aftermath of a flood is more than just ‘cleaning up’. Flood water can cause significant damage to equipment, which can result in the loss of stock, valuable business electronics, loss of income etc., all of which significantly harm your business’ bottom line.

Protecting your home or business from the effects of flood damage is cost effective in protecting not just the property but the contents, some of which may be irreplaceable. If you want to protect your property from the horrific damage caused by flood water, our team of experts are on hand to help and advise.

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What Flood Defence Doors Are Available From StormMeister®?

We have an extensive range of flood protection products available for all ‘At Risk’ commercial installations. This includes businesses such as shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants. All of our flood protection doors are available with a varied choice of locking options to suit the needs of your business. This includes both push pad and electronic operation doors.

Additionally, our team are fully dedicated to ensuring that your premises are protected from the risks of flood damage. Remember, StormMeister® is the only company worldwide to produce wheelchair friendly low threshold flood doors compliant with Building Regulations Part M. Part M compliance is and essential for all commercial premises in order to comply with Building Regulations for wheelchair access.

How Do StormMeister® Flood Doors Work?

Our Active Flood Seals™ provide protection from flood water in three steps, which results in the hydrodynamic power of floodwater itself being used to create the flood seal.

1. Firstly, our doors don’t have the complex locking mechanisms that can be found on other flood protection products.

2. StormMeister® uPVC flood doors utilise multi chamber structures, where flood water enters the chambers and it is the pressure of flood water acting on the chamber walls that forms the flood seal.

By using the pressure of flood water, the seals are only stressed during flood situations unlike compression seals that cannot differentiate between a flood situation and normal everyday locking. StormMeister® seals therefore have a lifespan considerably longer than compression seals.

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What About Bespoke Flood Defences?

Our team can provide bespoke flood protection for a wide range of different commercial and residential properties. We can manufacture flood doors to almost any requirement with bespoke Colour Finishes, Wood Grains, Glazing, Architectural Features, and Fixtures.

Additionally, we have also delivered our flood doors to projects located in heritage and conversation areas; customising our flood doors to blend in with the environment, providing high quality flood protection without ruining the natural beauty of such areas.


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Why Should You Choose Our Flood Defence Products?

Conventional flood protection technology is often difficult to operate and relies on handle force transmitting pressure to compression seals. This means that conventional flood doors need to be tightly locked which puts not just the seals but the locking mechanisms themselves under undue stress. However, thanks to our StormMeister® Active Flood Seal™, our uPVC flood defence doors are no more difficult to operate than ordinary doors.

At our purpose built research and development facility, we continually test for performance, ease of use, installer friendliness, and overall reliability. Our commitment to research and development is one of the reasons you should choose to purchase StormMeister® flood protection products. We are also a company committed to protection of the environment particularly in the sourcing of timber for our timber based flood protection products.

Timber is a fantastic building material; however it is only as sustainable as its place of origin. We use ethically sourced timber from traceable places of origin, for example the Akwa Iborn State logging camp in Nigeria where most of the work is carried out manually by locals!

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