Stay safe with StormMeister flood protection products.

StormMeister Flood Protection Products are the products that work and can be seen working! See our products working in the numerous videos we have posted on YouTube or by visiting our premises in Preston, Lancashire. Can’t make the journey? We will be pleased to arrange a live demonstration by Skype wherever in the world you are. No other company makes this offer! StormMeister Engineers carry out installations throughout the UK., Europe and the USA.

In need of effective and easy-to-use flood doors? Then welcome to StormMeister, innovators of world-leading flood seal technology.  Whilst many external doors might be designed for security and to present a look that blends well with the aesthetics of the property, they may lack sufficient flood protection. The products we have created have been proven to protect from any intense flow of water from causing damage to domestic and commercial properties. A unique combination of home and commercial external doors with inbuilt flood protection.

StormMeister Flood Doors comply with BS EN 12217 the British Standard for external doors and are the ONLY mechanically operated flood door to comply with that standard.

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Flood protection solutions by StormMeister.

Conventional flood doors use compression (passive) seals that rely on handle pressure to resist rising floodwater. This makes the doors difficult to operate and therefore liable to fail due to the excessive strain that is placed on the seals and locking mechanisms. StormMeister uPVC Flood Doors are completely different, working to utilise the water pressure instead.

In fact, our uPVC flood doors are the only flood protection products on the market that have been fitted with Active Flood Seals activated and maintained by pressure of floodwater. Unlike conventional flood doors that are only flood sealed around the bottom ALL StormMeister flood doors are flood sealed all around the door. All of our products have been developed in-house and are protected by StormMeister™ patents in the UK, Europe, the United States and by copyrights and design rights throughout the world.

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We will be competitive at all times for all our flood door, flood window, flood gate, flood shutter, and flood barrier products but we will never compromise on quality or performance always exceeding industry standards by a long way.


All StormMeister Flood Protection Products carry £5 MILLION PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE.


Our friendly and knowledgable team will be happy to provide advice and quotations upon request. All with absolutely no obligation. To arrange a FREE quotation click on our contact page with details of your requirements.

Flood defence even against the hardiest of elements.

Another product, added to our range within the last couple of years, has been our Garage Storm and Flood Door (that has also been category 5 hurricane rated). With garages being particularly vulnerable to flood water, dust and other debris, our innovative sealant technology can help to ensure that everything you store will be protected not just from storms and floods but from intruders!

Our Low Threshold residential and commercial uPVC flood doors are the world’s only wheelchair-friendly flood doors with a floodwater activated ‘active flood seal’ and thresholds compliant with Part M of UK Building Regulations for wheelchair access – ideal for any homes or commercial premises. Since 2015 StormMeister home security doors and commercial security doors with inbuilt flood protection have been installed throughout the UK, Europe and the USA in homes, shops, offices, bars, hotels and restaurants – highlighting their reliability and versatility. Furthermore, all StormMeister flood doors come with a variety of locking options including push pad and electronic operation.

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StormMeister® Low Threshold
Outward Opening Flood Door

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Fully tested flood products.

Of course, when you’re buying a flood door or any flood protection product it’s important to know that the products have been fully type tested and are able to perform the job they are purported to do. With innovation being at the heart of our business, we love to test! All of our products are put through stringent type test examination ( PAS1188-1 2014) in order for us to be aware of their performance in terms of flood resistance and user friendliness. This includes our wheelchair-friendly flood doors, garage flood doors and flood barriers. Many flood product manufacturers do not have their own testing facilities, so whilst they may have their products independently tested it is extremely expensive and normally a one-off experience. Here at StormMeister we are constantly testing, we have our own on-site testing facilities in Preston, Lancashire that allows us to ensure that every product we sell is everything that it says it is. Furthermore, testing by third parties is always behind closed doors whereas we have we an open door policy where our testing can be witnessed by anyone from industry, government or private individuals many of whom have visited us throughout the years. We’d be delighted to demonstrate our products to you here at our premises or we can arrange demonstrations by Skype wherever you are in the world.

Situated close to junction 31 of the M6, our flood door testing facility regularly hosts live demonstration events. Interested? Simply fill out the form on our contact page and come along! If you’re unable to attend in person, we are able to arrange live demonstrations via Skype to wherever you may be in the world.

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“The staff at Stormeister are exceptional, they could not of been more helpful. the company is fully dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with the work they do.”

“Excellent service.”

“Excellent service from Stormmeister – absolutely delighted with the new bifolds. A huge thank you to the installation crew too who went above & beyond to ensure a great result.”

Choose StormMeister for high-quality and reliable protection against floods.

Although we endeavour to keep the price of our flood door, flood window, flood gate, flood shutter and flood barrier products competitive at all times, we will never compromise on quality or performance. This allows us to always exceed industry standards, offering our customers the best products for their requirements.Any investment that is able to pay itself back with interest is a great investment and we can say with some confidence that with StormMeister flood protection, you’ll be making a great investment.To arrange a FREE quotation click on our contact page with details of your requirements.

If you have any questions about any aspect of our flood defence products, why not get in touch with us directly today? You can call us on (+44) 01772 704429 or by sending an e-mail to

Alternatively, if you’re in-or-around the North West of England, you can pay us a visit in person. We are based at StormMeister®Flood Protection, Unit 2, Sellers Street, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom, PR1 5EU . Do you want to see our products working? No problem, if you can’t come to us we’ll come to you. We can arrange a live interactive demonstration via the Internet wherever you are in the UK, Europe, USA or anywhere worldwide! No other flood company makes such an offer! 

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StormMeister patented active flood sealing.

StormMeister™ uPVC Flood Doors and Flood Windows, the only flood products fitted with a Active Flood Seal mechanisms maintained by pressure of flood water. All StormMeister products have been developed in-house and are protected by StormMeister patents in the UK., Europe, the US and by copyrights Worldwide.

Conventional flood doors and flood windows use compression (passive) seals which rely on handle pressure to resist rising flood water, conventional flood products are therefore difficult to operate and liable to failure due to excessive strain on the seals and locking mechanism. StormMeister™ uPVC flood doors and flood windows are completely different and utilize water pressure in their unique active flood sealing mechanism that maintains flood resistance long after passive seals have failed.

All StormMeister™ uPVC Flood Door and Flood Window products are fitted with patented StormMeister Active Flood Sealing and are tested to PAS 1188-1:2014 the UK industry standard at our product testing facility in Preston. We are now giving live flood door and flood window demonstrations to representatives of local government authorities, trade and public at our testing facility in Preston, Lancashire which is situated close to M6 Junction 31. Anyone wishing to attend a live demonstration is requested to fill out the form on our contact us page and come along. If you can’;t get there personally we will arrange a live Skype demonstration wherever you are anywhere in the World.

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Flood insurance.

The Home Insurer offers 99.9% flood cover for the UK and can quote on commercial, landlord and residential properties protected by StormMeister™ Flood Protection products. The Home Insurer has access to Flood Re as well. If you tell The Home Insurer you use StormMeister™ products, it will help them to get you the right insurance at a better price and excess than you may have thought possible. Call 01832-735388 or visit: